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25 Years of RocknRoll !
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Where will they Play \?
Anywhere ! Nissouri Skydogs lineup is constantly changing, which means each performance is a bold new adventure. Parties, Pig Roast, Bars, you name it, we'll be there
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Where have they played \?
Everywhere ! Every member of Nissouri Skydog has played most of the bars in the Oxford County area, if the bars are still there ! We've played at most arena venues, but we're alway's looking to explore new venues.
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The long awaited Nissouri Skydog debut is being written and recorded as I type this. Don't be left in the clouds man, make sure you check back now and again so you don't miss your copy !

Sebastian Dryer, Woodstock Music Scene - Last Friday I had the pleasure of seeing one of Oxford County's best kept secrets, Nissouri Skydog. A wonderful melting pot of Oxford County musicians that play together at party's, dances, local bars, and stag & doe's, you name it. The band was started in 2008 by Mudcreek Mojo members, and later joined by members of the infamous Movin Groovin Verhoeven. Don't kid yourself, if you haven't seen this band before, your in for a fun and suprising evening.

The band started in with Scuttle Buttin by Stevie Ray Vaughan which was shocking to hear as an introduction, and followed that up with Tightrope, a song I've never heard anyone do well, until now. Then as quickly as the SRV tour started, they moved into some really nice Allman Brothers Band music, One Way Out, Not my Cross to Bear, Melissa, and then on to some Jimi Hendrix. Why haven't I heard of this band before ?

The entire night was filled with great music, the Stones, Neil Young, and even some Sabbath, but what really set this band apart from the others was the level of fun these guy's had. There was no stage theatrics, check your attitude at the door ! They really set the tone for a good night of music and fun, the way it used to be when music was killer. At the end of it all, I couldn't wait to meet them, and promised I'd write something for them in the Scene. Thanks for a great night of music guy's !

Who the hell is Nissouri Skydog ?
Sierra Hotel: Coming Soon !
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Sept 29/10 - Nissouri Skydog Halloween Bash - Saturday October 30th.

Get your Halloween costume together and join us for a night of fun at the Skydog Studios ( Kevin & Sherri Verhoeven's ) on Saturday October 30th. Nissouri Skydog will be on hand, which will include performances from Greg Weir, Scott Cornelisse, Robby Gates, Tom Ruteldge, Glen McArthur, and Peter Cox. Special guest Two and Half Men featuring Connor McArthur on drums will also be performing, as well as the talented Carly McArthur ! This will be a good time, don't miss out !

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